Are you losing out on $1,000s in tax deductions annually?

The great majority of people who rent out a property claim thousands of dollars a year in tax deductions for property depreciation. Many Expats in Australia have also realised that they too can claim for their property in Ireland or the UK.



We are approved by the ATO through the Tax Practitioners Board to prepare the necessary reports and can now help you to claim property depreciation on your overseas properties.


So if you would like to find out if I can help you pay less tax, fill in our online form with some basic details on the property and I can advise you of any deductions that you are entitled to.


If you feel like you need to know more please take a look at  our frequently asked questions and our online Property Depreciation Calculator. You can also read our recent blogs.


The Australian tax system is far more beneficial to property investors than the Irish or UK tax systems and it is worth checking that you are claiming everything that you are entitled to on your tax return. Property depreciation tax deductions for an Irish property can only be claimed by permanent residents/citizens of Australia.